Mother Nature ruled at Bourbon & Beyond again this year!  It was a challenge for festival goers not because of heat, but hours of non-stop rain.  Who made it work and kept things “flowing”?  Hundreds of staff, crew, vendors, law enforcement and others not only braved the inclement weather, but made for a great experience for us and 30,000 others.  Lenny Kravitz slipped on the rainy stage while others slid through the sea of mud below.  Bartenders kept pouring like the rains from above.  Thanks to the Louisville Police for their presence and for getting us and others in and out safely through the deluge.

The music was amazing, the drinks superb, and the people were outstanding – attendees and crew alike.  What happened after the music was over Saturday night?  Crews began cleaning up the muddy mess.

A huge thanks to those on Facebook who helped one another stay safe and sane during Sunday’s exodus.  There were some heroic people lending time and effort to get everyone out safely.


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