Physician tips on Pain Management

Senior Fest is an overwhelmingly popular health and wellness event for Marshall Health and Cabell Huntington Hospital. As in years past, the 2019 Fall Senior Fest drew Boomers and Seniors by the hundreds, maybe more with the weather finally cooling down. I like to look for new innovations, new health and wellness projects and vital health prevention and preservation tips, and I was not disappointed.

Blood Pressure Check

Then, there was a fantastic home safety checklist for preventing falls. Seniors took surveys to help fest goers determine any personal scope of anxiety disorders or depression, and learned the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and early Alzheimer’s Disease.

Managing Chronic Care

The booth on Chronic Care Management Proved to be an eye-opener for many fest goers. Common Chronic conditions include Diabetes, Arthritis and Osteoporosis. This management program coordinates with Medicare to personalize care plans and reduce costs.

Senior Fest 2019

Senior Fest 2019 offered a plethora of medical checks and screenings along with plenty of healthy food and drink. Seniors locally and nationally can find out more about all these programs and much more at

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