Sign on Fairground Road in Mason County, WV

Vickie noticed a Facebook post for a wine tasting at a new, local winery.  Come to find out, the OSR Winery was having its grand opening, and it’s in Vickie’s native Mason County, so we had to go.  We ventured out Route 62 past Point Point Pleasant.  Down Fairground Road, next to the Mason County Fairgrounds, we found that Russ Williamson’s long running Mowery’s Upholstery building was converted – into his children’s Craft Micro-Winery.OSR stands for “Our Sibling Rebelry” – and the three Williamson siblings -Brian, Brent and Brandy, are breathing new life into the family property and letting their unique, tasty wines breathe as well. These are small batch craft wines, many offerings come with unique and unusual blends of fruits and vegetables.   The grand opening tasting was cool, casual and not like any other tasting we’ve enjoyed.  We learned about and sampled about 9 different dry and sweet wines, seeing how they paired with a variety of gourmet cheeses and chocolates.  The OSR Chardonnay and Cabernet Savuignon were delightful, Vickie thought the TNT Concord wine infused with Jalapeno’s would make a great Sangria, and the sweet rubarb/strawberry wine named “Betty”was an OSR fan favorite (they already have many local wine fans). The power went out toward the end of the tasting, and the dozen or so tasters were having such a good time they could have cared less.

Great wine tasting with Brian, Brent & Brandy at OSR Winery – the power went out & no one even cared! #almostheaven #WV wine

The OSR siblings all hold down full time careers and plan to make the winery their nest egg. They’re planning art, craft and music events for now, with varied hours (they will be open most Friday’s and Saturday’s). OSR has tamed up with “the Chippy Beaver’ out of Akron to supply wood and stone art/craft and other items. This winery will continue to morph in what looks to be some very pleasing and fun ways. Find out more at and www’

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