We began our hike on this converted C& O railroad line at the southern trail head – located at North Caldwell, just outside Lewisburg. The trail runs along the Greenbrier River, which was up and flowing freely after plenty of rain. There was plenty of well marked parking, posted information on trail wildlife, plants and trees – and captioned pictures describing the rich history of the railroad days here along the river. The parking areas also have seating, we had lunch on a bench.

On the trail with Vickie and Randy…

The trail itself in much of the southern section is a easy hike – flat, wide and well graded, easy for biking (for any age) or pushing a stroller. Some of the trail runs right next to the river, in other places you can see the river through the woods and there are paths that run down to the riverbank. The trail is wooded on both sides for the most part, with clusters of rhododendron, a variety of ferns and some flowers, and a forest river freshness that smells and feels really good. We saw deer, birds, and chipmunks, Along the trail you will find a mix of old and newer camps, some with railroad memorabilia. And, you see Whistle posts, concrete markers with a big “W” on them, formerly for train engineers, now they say the kids whistle when they bike by. And there are restrooms along the trail as well and designated campsites.

The river was running high and fast when we hiked, but there were still some intrepid paddlers who braved the current.

All in all, this is a great trail for seniors, beginning hikers/trail bikers and families. If you are looking for a challenging trail, this southern portion of the trail is not it. We enjoyed it because we are avid walkers, we could look around and enjoy the river and wildlife without navigating rocky terrain or inclines and we met quite a few friendly bikers and hikers on the trail because it’s wide and passable.

Take the usual hiking/biking provisions and enjoy this great, easy trail. Enjoy a short video we made from the trail

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