Aptly named, this area is actually formed by a “blue bend” in Anthony Creek. We didn’t know about this area and nearly missed it as it was just on the road to our trail head destination at Anthony on the Greenbrier River trail from White Sulphur Springs. As you drive along Anthony creek you notice how beautiful the blue-grey water looks. There’s camping, fishing, swimming and picnic areas. From the parking lot , you stroll down short and very accessible trails leading to a tiled rock beach on a blue pool and a connecting swinging bridge (Vickie says NO SWINGING!, lol) that offers access to two “beaches”. This area is adjacent to the Monongahela National Forest with camping spots all along the creek.

I talked to some locals about how long this sweet little spot had been there. “We have been coming here all our lives.” It was great to see generations of WV families enjoying this awesome spot. The family also suggested we visit nearby Lake Sherwood, and the teenage boy proudly pulled up a picture of the Lake on his phone to show me how pretty it was.

The take-away: talk to the locals, look around, take a side road. WV has a lot of hidden little gems that don’t necessarily translate on a map or GPS. Ask for suggestions and listen their stories and shared experiences.

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